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19:00 All Emergency Communicators Net
Corky (W5BYG)

Corky begins the evening with general information and updates for various repeater nets and VE Testing sessions in the Southland.

19:45 American Red Cross Net
Gordon WB6NOA

Gordon West (WB6NOA) conducts the American Red Cross Net and discusses Red Cross info and updates followed by check-in by American Red Cross communicators.

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19:00 CLARA Net (weekly)
with Dave KD6DDM

This is a short informational net where all members and associates can listen in and hear about any updates and changes that happen within the Association.

Formal Net (last Tuesday)
Shelley KC6ZOW and various member guest hosts

On the last Tuesday of the month is our Formal Net where all members, associates and guests are able to check-in and participate in the net.

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19:00 CLARA Trivia Net(weekly)
with Bill KG6KMB and Dave KD6DDM

This is a fun net where if you don't know the answer make something up, who knows it may be better than the real answer.

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19:00 CLARA Tech Net
(with Bob N6RH)

"Mr. Techie" Bob answers any and (seemingly) all questions regarding radios, R.F., electronics, antennas, wiring, procedures, etc. If you are having a problem with a project, this is the place for help.

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19:00 All Scouts Net
(with Kevin  KG6MIH)

Kevin is our resident Boy Scout who seems to have his hand in a lot of things within the Association. Kevin Hosts this informative All Scouts Net whereby all Scouts, former scouts and friends of scouting can check-in to the net and participate. Kevin also shares informative topics within scouting and safety procedures.

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