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"Emergency First - Courtesy Always"


The CLARA repeater is privately owned and operated by the Clairemont Repeater Association, a non-profit corporation and family oriented organization. Located at 5,730 feet on top of Santiago Peak which is located approximately 23 miles East of Santa Ana. It has excellent coverage over most of Southern California- south to the border of Mexico, north to the fringes of Santa Barbara, and many miles inland.

Currently, we operate three repeaters on Santiago: the 145.220 Mhz, 440 Mhz and a 1.2 Ghz. The 440 and 1.2 machines are open only to Members and Associates. We also have a repeater on 145.220 Mhz in the Barstow area covering the high desert which we plan to link with this area in the future.

Although the 145.220 Santiago Peak repeater is listed as a closed repeater in the repeater guides, visitors are welcome to use our 2 meter repeater for short calls and QSO's. We ask that all users practice courteous and considerate operating procedures. CLARA is always known for passing emergency or priority traffic. If you need assistance or want to report a traffic incident, please do not hesitate to ask for someone on frequency to make the call for you.

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