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There are two types of supporters: 

   • Associate
   • Member (includes all licensed amateurs in your household)

A person must be an Associate for 6 months, and during that time must have attended at least 2 activities and be voted on by the membership to become a member.

Associate - $35.00/year - includes all licensed amateurs in your household and you will receive our bi-monthly newsletter (CLARAFIER) and use of the 440 MHz repeater.

Member - $75.00/ year - with a one-time initiation fee of $60.00 (includes all licensed amateur in your household) and you will receive our bi-monthly newsletter (CLARAFIER), voting privileges, use of 440MHz repeater, 1.2 GHz repeater and auto patch privileges.

All funds go to the support and maintaince of the repeater and club expenses such as site rental, insurance, and publishing and mailing the CLARAFIER.

CLARA Membership Application
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Does your ARRL Membership need to be renewed?


Print the ARRL MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, fill it out and mail it along with a check made payable to CLARA.
(The mebership/ renewal will be processed by CLARA.)

Mail to: CLARA   P.O. Box 7675   Huntington Beach, CA   92615

ARRL Membership Application
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